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About Us

Specialist personal injury Solicitors

We are a team of experienced solicitors specialising in all types of personal injury law. Based in Altrincham we service clients across England and Wales.

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Our Story

Our Managing Partner, Mr Eamonn Dunne, set up the Firm in 1998 having had valuable experience in the Insurance industry. As a result we are a specialist Personal Injury Firm who knows how the insurers think and their tactics meaning that we are in a privileged position to get our clients the best results. We are also a diverse Firm which has adjusted to market changes and many changes in Protocols implicated by the Government over the past 25 years.

Meet The Team

Our claim process

  1. Complete Questionnaire

  2. We always aim to create the Claims Notification Form on the same working day and once approved by you we will submit to your opponent to get your case moving.

  3. We can request interim payments from your opponent as soon as your case is submitted.

  4. Once the liability position has been confirmed by your opponent we will advise you on the next steps on your case.

  5. We can then obtain medical evidence to detail the injuries you have suffered, on the basis of which your compensation claim can be valued.

  6. Enter settlement negotiations.

  7. If settlement is not reached then Court proceedings can be issued to seek the Court’s assessment of your claim.

Interim payments

We understand that you may be out of pocket as a result of an accident so we will act quickly for you to get your case started and submitted to your opponent to enable us to be in a position to swiftly request interim payments.  Please ensure you keep receipts of any losses and/or expenses you incur as a result of the accident.

How are claims valued?

  1. Court Guidelines which provide brackets for different types of injury.

  2. Need to take into account whether single injury or multiple injuries.

  3. Duration and nature of injuries sustained.

  4. Whether there are any pre-existing or underlying medical conditions which may have been exacerbated due to the accident.

  5. How the injury has effected daily life in terms of ability to work, ability to carry out household responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking, gardening, food shopping, childcare, exercise, hobbies

  6. Ongoing / future medical needs

  7. Psychological effects

  8. It is useful to keep a diary as to how the injuries are affecting you and any restrictions on your daily life.

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