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We have a team of highly experienced solicitors. Most of our solicitors have dedicated their careers to Dunne & Co and thus dedicated themselves to helping their clients.

Each individual case is handled by one of our individual solicitors. You will not be represented by a team of people meaning that you can never get in touch with the person handling your case. We do not have inexperienced, unqualified lawyers. 

Cycling accident claims

Cyclists - Bike accident claims

Cycling has long been an enjoyable pastime and means of transport for many. With the cost of living and fuel increases many people now depend upon cycling as a more cost efficient mode of transport.

As a cyclist you want to feel as safe as possible and it is extremely unsettling if you are unfortunate to have been injured in an accident.

Cyclists who are knocked off their bike are more likely to be killed or seriously injured than anyone in a motor vehicle crash. Cyclists can sustain substantial injuries during an accident and suffer long term physical and financial hardship.

We have the best cycling accident solicitors who are cyclists and experts in the field of cycling law, who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

The law places a burden on a motorist to drive with due care and attention. Motorists however can often fail to fulfil this requirement to the detriment of cyclists. Motorists can turn out of junctions without looking properly, overtake when it is not safe to do so and fail to leave sufficient space for cyclists when carrying out manoeuvres. The Highway Code was updated in 2022 to reflect the vulnerability of cyclists on the road therefore we hope this will increase safety for cyclists.

Potholes or other road defects can also cause a significant risk to a cyclist. Bicycle accident compensation claims can be made against the relevant Authority in charge of maintaining the road.  

The increase in electric cars on the road also pose a risk of increased accidents as their quiet engines can result in a lack of awareness of their presence, resulting in a bike injury claim which we can assist you with as cycling accident claims solicitors.

Having an accident as a cyclist can also result in significant psychological effects. If you rely upon cycling as your mode of transport then the fear of having another accident can significantly affect your ability to get back on the road as well as the physical implications of cycling when injured. By no longer being able to cycle to work you may incur financial hardship. Our cycling injury solicitors can seek an interim payment for your bike damage to assist you in this situation.

We understand that cycling equipment and accessories can be very expensive, if you’re involved in an accident that isn’t your fault its only right that you get compensation not only for your injuries but also your bike.

If cycling was your hobby then the worry of another accident can overtake your enjoyment. As cyclists ourselves our cycle accident solicitors understand these feelings and, if recommended, can assist by arranging appropriate treatment such as CBT as part of your claim.

One of our specialist Bike injury Solicitors will be able to tell you in minutes if you will be able to make a bike injury claim.


Call us today for a FREE consultation and if you do pursue a compensation claim we will represent you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis for your cycling accident.

Call our Bicycle accident solicitors on Freephone number 0800 433 4323 or complete our contact form today and start your recovery. 

E-scooters accident claims
E-Scooter riders - E-scooter accident claims

Have you been injured in an accident with an e-scooter? If you’ve been knocked off while riding or hit by an e-scooter whilst riding or as a pedestrian you could be entitled to compensation.


Since the government introduced e-scooter trials in 2020 we’ve seen more and more appear on UK roads and cycle paths. E-scooters are an economic and environmental alternative mode of transport and are particularly utilised in congested towns.

As an e-scooter rider you are a vulnerable road user and therefore your protection is of vast importance. The nature of an e-scooter creates significant risk of injury as there is an ability to encompass serious traumatic injury such as brain injury, fractures and even fatality.

Protective headgear is not mandatory therefore this can lead to more serious injuries if a rider has an accident.

Training is not required for an e-scooter rider therefore this could result in e-scooters being ridden unsafely putting both the rider and other road users at risk. 

The instability of an e-scooter could cause the rider to fall off, acceleration and deceleration of the scooter requires significant control from a rider without which could result in an accident or collision.

Whilst e-scooters are intended to be ridden on the road, signs have not been put in place to provide awareness for safety to e-scooter riders and other road users.

Surface defects on roads risk injury occurring to an e-scooter rider just as they create the same risk to cyclists.

E-scooters are capable of reaching speeds of 15mph and are silent meaning that as a pedestrian you could be unaware of an e-scooter’s approach. 

If you have been injured as a result of the unsafe driving of an e-scooter then seek to obtain the contact details of the rider, details of the owner or local Council that the e-scooter has been rented from and any insurance details if possible.

If you have suffered injury as a result of an unidentified e-scooter rider then you can still seek compensation via the Motor Insurers Bureau.

If you have been injured in an e-scooter accident Dunne & Co Solicitors can help.

One of our specialist Solicitors will be able to tell you in minutes if you will be able to make a claim. Call us today for a FREE consultation and if you do pursue a claim we will represent you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.

Call our Freephone number 0800 012 6691 or complete our contact form today and start your recovery. 

Road traffic accident claims
Car accident claims

Over 100,000 road traffic accidents in the UK are reported to have involved an injury in recent years.  A road traffic accident can significantly impact your life, physically, psychologically, practically and financially. We have a team of specialist solicitors who can assist you to make a claim if you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault.

Injuries resulting from road traffic accidents can have great variation, ranging from soft tissue injuries, to fractures and even fatality.

We want to support you through a claim to get you back in the position you would have been had it not been for the accident.

We can seek interim payments from at-fault insurers if your case is not going to reach its conclusion quickly and we can arrange for recommended medical treatment to take place. 

Despite the large occurrence of accidents, the Government changed the determination of access to legal advice in 2021.

The Government have put a tariff system in place for awards for “whiplash” injuries, resulting in limited compensation awards for those suffering only “whiplash” injuries which recover quickly.  

Injuries resulting from a road traffic accident whereby you were the occupant of a motor vehicle also now need to be worth above £5,000.00 in order for the at fault insurers to contribute to your legal fees incurred a claim.


Our passion as a Firm is assisting those injured in accidents that were not their fault therefore please do contact us if you have suffered an injury in a road traffic accident and we will do our best to assist you. 

One of our specialist Solicitors will be able to tell you in minutes if you will be able to make a claim. Call us today for a FREE consultation and if you do pursue a claim we will represent you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.

Call us on 0161 928 8877 or complete our contact form today and start your recovery. 

Accident at work claims
Accident at work claims

Have you had an accident at work? By law it’s the duty of your employer to ensure that you have a safe working environment. However, in recent years over 500,000 injuries have resulted from work-related accidents. Many accidents are preventable. If you have had an injury at work and your employer is negligent, you may be entitled to claim workplace injury compensation. Accidents at work can have a big impact on your life and also can create a fear of the stability of your employment.

Injury at work rights - If you make an accident at work claim against your employer please be reassured that your employer cannot legally dismiss you due to the submission of your claim. Your employer also must have Employers’ Liability Insurance in place, meaning that it should be the insurers paying out on your claim as opposed to your employer. Accidents can occur in any form of employment including industrial accident claim in relation to  construction, manufacturing, transportation, retail, food service activities, engineering, agriculture or even in support services and administrative roles.


Our injury at work solicitors can assist you in seeking compensation for your injury at work claims from accidents such as: slips, trips, falls, manual handling, struck by moving object, accidents involving machinery, exposure to a harmful substance, contact with electrical discharge, exposure to fire or explosion, injured by an animal, acts of violence, during the course of employment a healthcare.

It can feel very unjust when you are losing earnings due to an accident which occurred as a result of your employer’s negligence. We can seek recovery of your loss of earnings and also interim payments if your case is ongoing.

Some injuries may also have an impact on your ability to do your job in the long term.


We can seek workplace accident compensation to reflect such an impact so you are not out of pocket if your career had continued as planned.

Call our accident at work solicitors today for a FREE consultation and if you do pursue a claim for your injury at work we will represent you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.

Public liability claims
Slip and trip claims

If you have had an accident and suffered an injury whilst on public property then you may make a personal injury claim against the property’s owner or the local Authority.

Any business owner, landowner or occupier of a public place has a duty of care to ensure the safety of anybody using their land or property.

There are many types of accident that may result in a public liability compensation claim, such as: Slips, trips, falls, potholes, obstructions on a road, slippery surfaces, dangerous footpaths and stairwells, injury from objects such as sharp objects or that fall onto a person, dangerous electrical equipment.

The occupier/owner has a duty to assess and treat risks properly. You may have a claim if this has not occurred.

It is important that the injury has been reported to the owner of the property where an accident has occurred and it is also useful to take photographs showing where an accident occurred.

Although, if you have an accident whilst you are working, the liability may rest with your employer. This is also something we can help with. Employers may also have a public liability for their customers and members of the public if injury occurs due to the negligence of their employees.

Call us today for a FREE consultation and if you do pursue a claim we will represent you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.

Call us on 0161 928 8877 or complete our contact form today and start your recovery. 

Dental negligence claims
Dental negligence claims

Have you endured physical pain or psychological suffering as a result of dental malpractice? You may have a dental negligence claim if you have experienced:

  • Root canal failed

  • Wrong tooth extracted

  • Problems after tooth extraction

  • Failed implant

  • Failed bridges

  • Failed filling

  • Failed crown

  • Periodontal disease claim / caries

  • Incorrect / poorly fitted dentures, retainers, splint, braces

  • Incorrect diagnosis

  • Mistake made during treatment

Were the treatment risks and benefits explained to you? Are you thinking you want to “sue my dentist”? You could be entitled to dentist compensation if your dentist failed to provide you with adequate care.You could claim for any injury suffered as a result of the dental malpractice as well as the cost to rectify and future treatment costs associated with dental claims.


Call us today for a FREE consultation and if you do pursue a claim we will represent you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis for your claim for dental compensation.

Contact us in relation to dental compensation on Freephone number 0800 470 0854 or complete our contact form today to sue your dentist and start your recovery. 

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